Why Is The Following Button Green On Instagram?: Unveiling The Mystery!

Are you wondering Why Is The Following Button Green On Instagram? Don’t Worry! Read this article completely and you will know why is the following button green on Instagram.

Instagram has attracted millions of users from all over the world with its vibrant and visually appealing interface. Instagram was able to do this because it kept improving its interface day by day to give its users a better and smoother interface.

Instagram’s color choices have a huge impact on Instagram’s great interface. Because without colors nothing comes to life. Therefore, to make its interface creative, Instagram has used colors meticulously in everything like Instagram icons, and buttons which attract the user.

While you’re scrolling through your feed or following someone have you ever wondered why is the following button green on Instagram? It looks like a simple beauty option, but there is a much bigger reason behind it. In this article, we will teach the psychology behind the green following button, Instagram’s branding strategy, User experience, and much more.

The Psychology of Color

The Influence of Color on User Behavior

Colors matter a lot in our lives, colors can greatly impact our emotions, feelings, behavior, and decision-making. They can send messages, arouse emotions, and even influence our decision-making power.

When it comes to designing a digital interface like Instagram, the choice of each color that will be added to the interface is done in an intuitive and strategic manner. This puts a lot of thought into the question of what color should be used to keep users engaged on the page.

The Power of Green

As we all know all the things related to nature in our entire earth are green like plants, landscapes, and many more. Green color opens new paths of growth in our lives and creates harmony and positive energy within us.

It has been observed that the more we use green color in the things around us, the more peace and tranquility it will create within us. So if you are also wondering what its relation with Instagram’s follow button, then let’s get into its depth.

Instagram’s Branding Strategy

The Role of Branding in Social Media

There are many companies in the world that have different branding strategies where they promote the positive image of their company to increase customer loyalty and awareness towards the brand.

Similarly, if we talk about the success of social media platforms, then branding plays a very important role in these too. It helps build trust recognition and a sense of identity in the user’s mind, all social media platforms have the same branding strategy like Instagram.

Instagram’s Brand Identity

We can characterize Instagram’s branding in its vibrant and diverse imagery. Where you get a safe and user-friendly environment.

It’s all about sharing your moments with your friends and followers through reels, posts, and stories. So why did they choose a green color for the follow button?

Why Is The Following Button Green On Instagram?

As we know Green is strongly associated with nature, and it also complements the visual style of Instagram. This is a color that stands out among all the colors even without being aggressive. You will be surprised to know that the human eye can see more shades of green than other colors.

A big platform like Instagram has kept its following button green. But it is not green beforehand, at first it is white. The following button turns green when you follow someone and then add that user to your close friend list.

If you see a green following button on someone’s profile on Instagram, then you have added that user to your close friend list and it indicates that you have a special connection between you and another Instagram user. Also, the color green blends seamlessly with the overall aesthetic, making it visually pleasing.

What Is a Close Friend List On Instagram?

Instagram’s close friend feature lets you create a secret list of your followers with whom you can share personal content that you don’t want to share with your other followers.

This feature can create a private space for you on Instagram where you can share your exclusive content through stories and posts with only those people whom you have added to your close friend list.

This is a great way to create a private VIP club on Instagram and make a private and confidential connection with a set of followers.

This feature is very beneficial for those businesses that want to provide exclusive services to their regular customers and clients.

How To Add Someone To Your Close Friend List

Before adding someone to your close friend list make sure that whoever you’re adding to your close friend list will be able to see your private stories that you want to share with your close friends. So you have to be careful as to whom you are adding to your close friend list.

Adding someone to your close friend list is a very easy process. You just have to follow these steps.

Step 1: In the first step you have to follow the person you want to add to your close friend list.

Step 2: Open the user profile you have followed, you have to “Tap on the Following Button”.

Step 3: After doing so, the pop-up menu will appear, then you have to “Tap on Add to Close Friend List”.

Step 4; Another way of adding a person to your close friend list is, you have to Open your Profile by “Tapping on the Profile Icon”.

Step 5: Next you have to “Tap on Three Horizontal Lines” in the top right corner.

Step 6: Now you have to “Tap on Close Friends”.

Step 7: Here you have to select a person you to add to your close friend list and then “Tap on Done”.

How To Know If Someone Is Added You in Close Friend List

There is no option available on Instagram that can tell you who has added you to their close friend list. But doesn’t mean that you can’t know it. There is a trick to know who has been added to their close friend list, that we are going to tell you here.

To know who has added you to their close friend list, you must go to your Instagram home page, and on the top of the homepage, you can see the story section where all your friend stories appear.

To find more stories you can swipe left, and there you have to see on whose story the green colored circle is visible. If you see a green circle on anyone’s story, then you can say that this person has added me to a close friends list.

User Experience and Trust

Building User Trust

It is very important to trust social media platforms. If any social media platform does not gain the trust of the users then its growth is very difficult.

Because people upload their photos and videos on social media platforms and do not want their photos to be misused, it plays a big role in how much the platform cares about the user’s privacy. Instagram’s green following button plays a vital role in gaining users’ trust.

The Impact of Green on Trust

We have talked about this earlier also that green color is a symbol of security and trustworthiness.

When the user encounters someone’s profile with a green color, it gives him a sense of security and he feels more safe to engage with that profile and content.

Instagram knows this very well, that is why they have kept the color of the following button green so that the user feels more connected to it.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Question

Can you follow someone without them knowing?

No, when you follow someone on Instagram, Instagram immediately sends a notification to that user, that this person has requested to follow you. Then after that, they have the option to delete your request or accept it.

What happens when someone blocks me on Instagram?

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you will not be able to see that user’s profile, you will not see any of their posts and you cannot follow or unfollow them.

Can you make multiple close friends on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not allow you to create more than one close friends group. You can have only one set of ‘close friends’ on Instagram in which you can add as many close friends as you want with whom you can share your stories. 

Final Verdict

In this article, we have briefly explained you Why Is The Following Button Green On Instagram and also discussed the Psychology behind the green color, Instagram’s Branding strategy, and the user experience we have covered it all. So next time when you see the Instagram following button don’t forget that it is a symbol of growth trust, and engagement in the Instagram community.

If we missed out to answer on some important queries, Let me know in the Comments. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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