Why Are Some Songs Unavailable On Instagram?: Troubleshooting Steps!

Are you also wondering why are some songs unavailable on Instagram? If you do then you have come to the right place.

So, Have you ever tried to add music to your post or story and encountered an error message “Song is currently unavailable”?

Understanding Instagram’s Music Library

If you want to know why some songs are unavailable on Instagram, first of all, it is very crucial for you to know how the platform’s music library works. To bring specific music on its platform, Instagram has to first obtain a track license for which it has to collaborate with big music labels and artists.

So whenever a music label or artist refuses to give a song to Instagram for some reason, then you will not get to see that song on Instagram. Hence you may see this error message from Instagram saying “Song is currently unavailable on Instagram”.

Common Reason For Songs Unavailable On Instagram

Licensing and Copyright Issues

The biggest reason for not having songs on Instagram is licensing and copyright issues. Due to licensing issues, many of those songs are not allowed to be seen on social media platforms, and music labels and artists often have agreements about where their music can be used and they can impose restrictions if their music is used anywhere else.

If you are searching for music to post on your Instagram story which falls under such restrictions, then Instagram may show you an error message of “Song is currently Unavailable”.

Regional Restrictions

Another reason for the Song being currently unavailable on Instagram might be the regional restrictions. Sometimes due to licensing agreements and legal constraints certain songs can only be accessible for specific countries and if your present location does not match the availability of the song then you may have to face this problem.

Artist Preferences

The artist’s choice also depends a lot on whether he wants to give his song to Instagram or not. It often happens that artists are not able to share their songs on Instagram due to various reasons including promotional strategies and personal reasons.

When an artist decides that he wants to release his new album exclusively on a streaming platform like Spotify for a certain period of time. During this period, you won’t be able to see that album on Instagram.

Instagram Updates

Instagram keeps updating its app frequently, keeping in mind the security and user experience of its users. However, these updates can sometimes result in compatibility issues with music features.

So if you have not updated your Instagram app, then you may get an error message from Instagram saying ‘Song is currently unavailable’.

The Frustration of Unavailable Songs

When you are in a creative flow and ready to share your content with your friends and followers on Instagram, and suddenly you get an error message on your Instagram saying ‘Song is currently unavailable’ this can spoil your entire mood and your carefully created Instagram reel or story suddenly loses its charm without a good soundtrack.

If this is happening to you then there is no need to be disappointed. Here we will tell you some Troubleshooting steps that you can follow by which you will be able to solve this problem.

Troubleshooting Steps

Sometimes a few steps can solve your biggest problem. If you want to fix your song unavailability problem then follow our troubleshooting steps that are given below.

Check Your Location

To fix this issue the first thing you need to do is check the location of your device and make sure it is accurate. When you travel from one country to another, the location of your phone keeps changing and if the location of your phone is wrong and you want to use some music in your story that is restricted in that location then you might have to face this error message“Song is currently unavailable”. So what you have to do is, adjust your location and try again.

Update Your Instagram App

If you want to avoid the “Song is currently unavailable” error on Instagram, you must keep your Instagram app updated. The developers team of Instagram is constantly improving the functionality of Instagram app and music features and they keep bringing new updates frequently so that their users can get a smooth interface.

Clear Cache and Data

Sometimes the Instagram app may build up excessively cached files that can cause issues with the app’s performance. When you delete the cache files of your Instagram app, it will help you solve various problems including music-related problems.

But you have to keep in mind that this process will log you out of your Instagram account, and you will need to keep your login credentials ready to log in again.

Check Your Internet Connection

Instagram is an online social media platform that is completely dependent on the internet. If your internet speed is not fast then you will not be able to use all the features of Instagram. Especially when you are scrolling the Instagram feed or scrolling the reels, your internet speed should be very fast otherwise, Instagram will not be able to show the content properly.

To improve your internet speed, first, you have to turn airplane mode on and off on your device. If you are using wifi connection then you will have to switch your internet connection to cellular data.

If this works then great, otherwise go to the next step.

Contact Instagram Support

If you have followed all the steps given above and your problem is still not resolved, you will need to contact Instagram’s support team. Through the Instagram app, you can contact the Instagram support team, they will provide you personalized assistance and investigate your problem further. Don’t be afraid to contact Instagram support and wait for their response.

Alternative Solutions

In some cases, you may face constant song unavailability on Instagram, to overcome this situation, we have given you some alternative solutions, by following them you can fix your song unavailability problem.

Use a VPN

If you are still facing the problem that songs are currently unavailable on Instagram, then you can also use a VPN (Virtual Private Network), this will help you bypass regional restrictions.

When you connect to a server at a different location through a VPN, it gives you access to even those songs that are not available in your current location. But you will have to do this at your own risk because Instagram may detect VPN usage as unusual logins or flag them as suspicious, especially if you frequently change your location. This could potentially affect your account security

Explore Other Music Platforms

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a premium VPN to access songs on Instagram?

If you use a premium VPN then it will provide you more fast and stable connection. However, if you cannot afford a premium VPN then you can also use a free VPN but you have to keep in mind that in a free VPN, there are limited locations available.

What should I do if my region restricts certain songs on Instagram?

If certain songs are restricted in your region then you should use VPN services that help you to access the content which is restricted in your region. But while doing so, you have to respect the copyright laws of Instagram and ensure that you do not face any restrictions from Instagram.

Can I add music to my Instagram posts if I have a business account?

Yes, if you are running a business account, you can add songs to your Instagram posts and stories, just like any personal account. However, the same copyright and regional restrictions will apply to business account owners.

Final Verdict

If you want to post a story with a song on Instagram and that song is unavailable on Instagram, do not let it affect your Instagram creativity.

You have to understand the common reasons given above and proceed further by following the troubleshooting steps and you can also look for alternative solutions. You have to keep your Instagram audience entertained with your amazing stories and reels content.

If we missed out to answer on some important queries, Let me know in the Comments. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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