When You Edit A Post On Instagram Does It Repost?: Answered!

If you have been wondering when you edit a post on Instagram does it repost? then you are in the right place. Here you will get detailed information about the Instagram post editing feature which will help you to edit your post better.

Even if a user adds some wrong information to his posts or wants to make some changes to his posts, Instagram also allows him to edit his posts. Therefore, One burning question often heard among Instagram users is When you edit a post on Instagram does it repost?

Here we will answer this question and clear your doubt that when you edit a post on Instagram does it repost it or not?

Understanding Instagram Post Editing

Before we dive deep into the matter, let’s understand how Instagram’s post-editing feature works. Instagram post editing feature allows you to edit your post after publishing it.

When you post a photo or video on Instagram, you can publish it by adding captions, tags, location, and hashtags to it.

What if you see any typing error in your post or you have to add or remove something or simply improve the image quality? That’s where post-editing comes into play. It allows you to edit captions, hashtags, location tags, and tag people in your posts.

Editing Without Reposting (Minor Changes)

Instagram allows you to make minor edits to your posts without reposting them. These minor edits include correcting typing errors, changing and editing hashtags, and editing captions.

When you make these adjustments to your post, your post will not be reposted, Your followers won’t be bombarded with notifications to see the post nor your followers will see that post again in their feeds. It’s just like giving a new touch to your posts without telling anyone.

Editing and Reposting (Major Changes)

Apart from that, you may also make major changes to your Instagram posts, which may result in Instagram reposting your posts.

If you want to make some important changes in your post like replacing the photo, then it is a different matter. When you do this, Instagram treats it as new posts.

Therefore Instagram may also show the edited version of that post in your followers’ feeds and show it on your profile as if you’ve just shared it.

This happens because you have changed the core content of your post and Instagram wants to ensure that your followers see the updated version of your post.

What Happens When You Edit a Post on Instagram?

The Instagram edit feature is a very handy tool that allows you to edit your posts even after publishing them.

Are you also wondering what happens when you hit our edit button? Here we are going to tell you about this today.

No Reposting Required

As we already know Instagram allows its users to edit their posts without reposting them. So when you edit your post, Instagram will not make your post a new post nor will your post be reposted in your feed.

This will not change the core content of your post including media and captions, everything will remain the same.

This is very beneficial for those users who are afraid that by editing their posts they will spam their followers with the same content.

Changes Made Are Non-disruptive

Editing your post on Instagram will not harm your post at all. Whenever you edit your post on Instagram, those changes integrate seamlessly with your post.

To make some changes to your existing post, there is no need to delete your old post, nor you have to create a new one.

This means that editing the post will not bring any changes to your post and your post’s engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and views will remain exactly the same.

Transparency in Editing

Instagram is transparent in terms of post edits, when you edit your post on Instagram, whether you change the caption or hashtag or any other changes it will show the “Edited” label on your post, which lets your followers know that you have edited your post.

This is a great way to build trust and credibility between you and your followers.

What Can You Edit on Instagram?

Now that you have found out that editing a post on Instagram will not trigger your post, let us know what you can actually edit in your posts.

Captions and Hashtags

Sometimes we make a mistake while adding captions and hashtags to our posts, after which we realize that we have made some mistake.

To overcome this problem, Instagram allows us to edit the captions and hashtags of our posts. So, that we can fix typos in the posts and update any information.

Location Tag

Along with captions and hashtags, Instagram also lets you edit your location tag. If you ever added a wrong location tag to your posts and now you want to change it, you can do so without reposting it.

Alt Text

Instagram allows you to add alt text to your posts for better accessibility. This way you can add textual description to your posts which helps your followers understand the content of the image, making your posts more inclusive. So if you want, you can also edit your alt text without reposting your post.

Photo or Video

Along with other things, Instagram also allows you to edit your media. So if you want to make some changes to your previously posted photo or video, you can do it without reposting. This includes editing cropping, applying filters, and others that enhance your visuals.

Tag People

Sometimes we forget to tag the people we want to tag in our posts. So, Instagram allows us to add tags even after the post is published. So if you have forgotten to tag someone in your Instagram posts or want to add or remove someone, then you can do this without reposting the post.

Best Practices for Editing on Instagram

To ensure a seamless editing experience on Instagram, here are some best practices you should keep in mind.

Proofread and Preview

We act hastily while posting on Instagram, due to which we have to repent later. Always proofread your captions and double-check your edits before pressing the Edit button. You can also use a preview to see how the post will appear when it is published.

Be Mindful of Engagement

If you feel that when you edit your post the engagement of your post will be affected. You should not worry at all because this is not going to happen.

Remember that editing posts do not affect engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and views. So, you should avoid making unnecessary changes to your posts to prevent confusion among your followers.

Update Thoughtfully

Whenever you feel like editing any of your posts, ask yourself whether there is a need to edit these posts.

If it is not necessary then do not do it, you have to edit your posts only when it is necessary. Frequent edits might annoy your followers.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Will my followers be notified when I edit a post?

No, your followers won’t receive notifications if you make minor changes to your post like editing the caption or removing or adding hashtags to it. But if you make major changes to your post, your post will appear in your followers’ feeds.

Can I change the image in an existing post without reposting it?

No, you cannot change the image in an existing post without reposting it. When you change the core content of your post, like the image, Instagram will see it as a new post. Because you have changed the content of your post Instagram will repost it.

How do I remove an edit label from my post?

Instagram believes in transparency. The Instagram “Edited” label appears only when you have edited your post. Therefore you cannot remove the “Edited” label from your Instagram post if you have edited your post. Instagram has added this feature to maintain transparency between you and your followers.

Final Verdict

I hope that after reading this article, all your doubts regarding “When you edit a post on Instagram does it repost” will be cleared. When you edit your post on Instagram, whether it is reposted or not depends on the magnitude of your changes that you are making minor changes or major changes.

Minor changes don’t do anything, but if you make major changes then Instagram will consider it as a new post and repost your post. This system helps maintain clarity and accuracy in the ever-scrolling world of Instagram.

If we missed out to answer on some important queries, Let me know in the Comments. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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