How To Change Suggested Reels On Instagram: Complete Guide!

If Instagram is suggesting inappropriate and offensive reels to you, and you are wondering how to change suggested reels on Instagram then you have come to the right place.

But sometimes while scrolling through their Instagram reels, users are suggested content that does not align with their interests and preferences. And when this happens, users become worried as to what to do next.

So if you are also facing this problem while scrolling your Instagram reels then Worry Not! In this article, we will give you more detailed information about changing your suggested reels so that you can see the content you want to see on Instagram.

How Are Suggested Reels Determined On Instagram

Before we learn how to change suggested reels on Instagram, let us discuss some important factors on how are suggested reels determined on Instagram.

Instagram considers numerous factors to determine the suggested reel first of which is how you interact with the content. Instagram algorithms show you more content based on the type of content you interact with the most.

Additionally, the Instagram algorithm takes into account the relevancy of the content based on your past interactions and interests, this means that the Instagram algorithm pushes the type of content with which you had interest and interactions in the past.

Apart from this, there are many other factors that the Instagram algorithm takes into such as the content you are sharing, liking, and commenting on, and the content you are spending most of your time on will be the Content that Instagram will suggest you more.

Can You Change Reels Suggestions On Instagram?

However, Instagram has not yet introduced any direct feature that allows you to change the suggested reels in Instagram, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it.

As we know Instagram suggests content to us based on our interests, so if Instagram gets to know about our content preferences, then Instagram can make changes to the suggested reels.

There are many ways by which you can tell your content preferences to Instagram algorithms, you will have to read this whole article to know all the ways.

How To Change Suggested Reels On Instagram

There are two ways by which you can change the suggested reels on Instagram. First, use the Not Interested feature, and second, report the reel.

Use Not Interested Feature

Using the Not Interested feature on Instagram is a great way to change the suggested reels on Instagram.

The Not Interested feature allows you to remove content that doesn’t align with your interests. Suppose you encounter a reel or a post and you find that reel irrelevant here you can use the Note Interested feature. After doing so, that reel or any content related to that reel will stop being suggested to you

This action of yours will send a signal to Instagram algorithms that you do not like this type of content and the platform will adjust its algorithms and suggest less such content to you in the future.

To know how to use the Not Interested feature in Instagram Reels, you will have to follow the steps given below.

Report Inapropriate Content

Reporting Inappropriate reels on Instagram not only lets you notify the Instagram team about inappropriate content but also empowers you to influence content suggestions on the platform.

When you encounter an inappropriate or offensive reel on Instagram, you have the option to report the reel to Instagram.

By selecting a correct reporting category and providing all the necessary information about the inappropriate reel, you not only contribute to creating a safe environment in your digital space but also tell Instagram algorithms about your preferences.

After reporting a reel, the Instagram team will review your report and check whether that reel contains content that violates the Instagram community guidelines. If they find violating content in it, the Instagram team will take down it immediately.

How Do I Change My Reels Preferences On Instagram

There are many ways by which you can change reel preferences on Instagram which include adjusting content preferences, liking and interacting with preferred reels, following relevant accounts, engaging with the reels related to your interest, and avoiding irrelevant and unwanted reels.

Adjusting Content Preferences

Instagram provides options that allow you to adjust content preferences so that you can see the content on the platform that you want to see.

When you adjust content preferences on Instagram, it suggests content based on your interests in your reels, feed, and explore page.

You can specify whether you want to see more or less sensitive content on your Instagram reels, feed, and explore page. Which will influence Instagram algorithms to show you that type of content.

By telling Instagram algorithms your preferences, you can influence the reels that are suggested to you, making your Instagram experience more personalized and enjoyable.

To adjust the settings of sensitive content on Instagram, you have to follow these steps.

Like And Interact With Preferred Reels

Liking and interacting with Reels on Instagram plays a very important role in reel suggestions on Instagram.

Instagram algorithms utilize your engagement metrics to suggest content to you on Instagram. When you consistently interact with the type of content on Instagram such as like, comment, and share, it signals to Instagram algorithms to show you more of that type of content.

These interactions of yours act as an indicator for Instagram algorithms that you enjoy such type of content.

After that, this data is used to suggest content to you on Instagram. So that you can see more personalized and relevant reels on the platform.

So, if you are not happy with the reels that are currently being suggested to you on Instagram, then you should mark those reels as “Not Interested” by utilizing the Not Interested feature and you should increase your engagement with the reels which you find interesting.

Follow Relevant Accounts On Instagram

Following accounts on Instagram can significantly impact content suggestions. Instagram algorithms look at your behavior to show you content on Instagram, such as, which accounts you follow and with which content you interact the most.

When you follow a specific account on Instagram, Instagram algorithms identify patterns of your interests and preferences.

After that, this data is used to recommend personalized content to you on Instagram. By following accounts based on your interests on Instagram, you will see the same type of content in your Instagram Reels, Explore page, and feed.

Additionally, the more diverse your following list on Instagram, the more nuanced and diverse content will be suggested to you.

Avoid Irrelevant & Unwanted Reels

The most important step to change reel preferences on Instagram is that you have to avoid irrelevant and unwanted reels.

Instagram takes into account your interactions such as likes, comments, and shares, and how much time you spend on a specific reel, to suggest a reel on Instagram.

Therefore, by avoiding irrelevant and unwanted reels, you will signal to Instagram that you do not like such types of reels, and by consistently engaging with the reels that align with your interests, you will also be able to make Instagram understand your preferences.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Can I completely turn off suggested Reels on Instagram?

No, you can not turn off suggested reels completely on Instagram. Instagram has not yet introduced any feature that allows you to turn off suggested reels. However, you can customize the content suggestions on Instagram by engaging with content that aligns with your interests.

What should I do if I see inappropriate content in suggested Reels?

Instagram provides options allowing you to block or report inappropriate content on the platform. So whenever you encounter inappropriate content on the platform, you have two options, either you can block that content using the not interested feature, or you can report that specific content.

Do my actions on Reels (likes, comments) affect the suggestions I receive?

Yes, your interactions on Instagram greatly influence the content that is suggested to you. Instagram algorithms are designed to understand your interactions on the platform and suggest similar types of content that align with your interests. You have to engage with the content you like on the platform and then your reels will reflect your preferences.

Final Verdict

In the end, Instagram has not yet introduced any feature that can change the suggested reels. But by understanding how the Instagram algorithm works and actively shaping your preferences you can personalize your Instagram reel feed as you want.

If we missed out to answer on some important queries, Let me know in the Comments. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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